Announcing our June FURPOWER Recipient

May 31, 2009


Congratulations to Angels for Animals in Canfield, Ohio!

I just want to say that I am blown away by the number of awesome, deserving organizations submitted. I wish we could choose all of them every month. But please don’t give up! We are taking submissions for our July organization starting June 1. So keep submitting each month!

Angels for Animals believes that animals, as living creatures, have value beyond economic measure. Their mission is to educate and inform their community about pet overpopulation and regular veterinary care. They strive to cultivate an awareness and responsibility toward the needs of companion animals and provide for the well-being of the community’s animals that are abandoned or otherwise in need, as well as instill respect for and appreciation of all living things.

They help both floofers and woofers through adoption programs and spay and neuter programs for stray and homeless animals.

Pugs and I are looking forward to helping these guys help more furry friends!




Hansel, Tesla, & Benny June 2, 2009 at

that’s so cool! Hey, have you done the raffle yet?

Mishkat June 1, 2009 at

P.S. I forgot to say that I used to compile the “Charity of the Month” nominations for Etsy for Animals, and I wanted to pick ALL of them every month too after reading what people said about the organizations. So I know how you feel.

Mishkat June 1, 2009 at

Congratulations to Angels for Animals. We clicked through to their website and we think their cat tree is wonderful – what a nice place!

We hope you have another great month, Romeo (and staff!) – thanks for all you do to help animals.

Dana June 1, 2009 at

Congratulations to Angels for Animals!! We hope their FURPOWER Challenge is very successful!!

Kitten Rescue May 31, 2009 at

Romeo, nice job on another successful month of fundraising!

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