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May 17, 2009

Poor Pug. He hasn’t caught on yet and keeps getting taken by surprise.




Kritter Kondo May 25, 2009 at

AH!!! Adorable, both of them that is!

Angelus May 18, 2009 at

Pugs, my man, seriously! That tail of yours is in danger of being pulled by the pink kitten, as my main Coonie Willie would say. That’s why we don’t get many kids around here; there used to be one that came to the window but he moved…

Stay strong, my fellow dark-furred brother! *does the Solid paw*

HotMBC aka the Hotties May 18, 2009 at

Pugsley will get it eventumally. *nods*

Erika Binder Kohler May 18, 2009 at

Adorable baby and what a sweet cat!

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