May 4, 2009


[email protected] (Noll's Nip) May 8, 2009 at

Yep, that’s a tuna tongue indeed.

[email protected] (pughy) May 5, 2009 at

Yummy yummy yummy.

GJ x

[email protected] (Cats of Wildcat Woods) May 5, 2009 at

Toona is yummy so is salmon too. we gets a treat every other week or so. Can’t wait for next time.

[email protected] (Elin) May 5, 2009 at



[email protected] (Meg) May 5, 2009 at

yum tuna! what a cute photo of you. :)

[email protected] (Pinky Ash and Boo) May 4, 2009 at

Yout toona must have been very yummy.

[email protected] (Jan's Funny Farm) May 4, 2009 at

Oooooooh, it looks like that tuna was good. Any left?

[email protected] (Mishkat) May 4, 2009 at

Aw – that’s a great photo, Romeo! We like tooona too.

[email protected] (Sweet Praline) May 4, 2009 at

Looks like it was really good. I like chicken better.

[email protected] (Angel) May 4, 2009 at

I’ll bet it was good!

[email protected] (The Creek Cats) May 4, 2009 at

Nom nom nom!

[email protected] (The Monkeys) May 4, 2009 at

Yummy! Tooona is awesome!

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