Barbarians at the Gate

February 20, 2009

These are the gates in question that I was able to clear the other day. Am discussing strategy and aerodynamics here with Pugsley so he can learn to do it too.


[email protected] (The Island Cats) February 21, 2009 at

We know you’re gonna figure out a way past that gate….

[email protected] (Sweet Praline) February 20, 2009 at

Don’t moms know that they can’t keep kitties out with a simple gate???

[email protected] (Country Cats) February 20, 2009 at

Pugsley will be over it in no time, too!

[email protected] (Anonymous) February 20, 2009 at

From Mobley the Dog – Recommend consultation with G Moneysmith re: hurdling options. His track and field experience will be of great benefit. May suggest some training and diet options. Best of luck, kitties.

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